Feeling Alone? Support and Information

When my daughter’s allergy was diagnosed, I felt completely left in the dark. I was handed a script for an epi-pen…and that was it! It was only through discussions with others that I was aware that I needed to get an action plan drawn up for childcare…so I asked for that – and that was it. I left feeling scared. I had no idea what this meant, how to determine what would be safe for her or where to go for support (hence why I started this blog). For anyone suffering from allergies I encourage you to visit Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia they are a trusted charity for allergy support and I have found great information through their site. 


2 responses to “Feeling Alone? Support and Information

  1. When my son was diagnosed with chronic hives, I felt almost relieved to finally have a diagnostic to deal with, although no suggestion was made as to the managing of the situation. For his (apparently several) food intolerances, we were completely left to ourselves, and it’s been hard, but I think we’re getting there (gluten and dairy free now, he is starting to get better). It’s a difficult path and I am so with you about a more natural approach to these issues!

    • Thank you for sharing your story! We are also gluten and dairy free, and I have noticed a vast improvement in my daughter’s eczema, digestion & surprisingly behaviour (no longer having an upset stomach must help). The decision to remove dairy from their diet concerned me due to mainstream information regarding calcium. But after looking into the PH levels of our body I became much more comfortable about my decision. I am glad it is also working for you; it is such a long process of trial and error. I am thrilled you found my blog and hope I can build a strong community for all of us making such choices for our families.

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