Flowers: The fat-free, calorie-free gift

Go ahead, buy yourself a bunch of flowers or pick some from the garden… for what better reason than for your health!

Dill's Floral Haven


What we have today, I wouldn’t call a “health craze.” It’s merely a strong attempt to learn the truth about nutrition, not what we’ve been fed. See the pun, there? Forever, we’ve been told fat is bad! Carbs are bad! The knowledge and truth continue to build and reveal themselves, and for each person, it’s a different combination of the right things to reach optimum health and wellness.

Now, isn’t that something? Because flowers—even through all the different combinations that can be made, are fat/calorie/carb-free, and truly have measurable mental health benefits. So many of us strive to improve wellness, to be fit, to lose weight, to gain muscle, to lose inches, and none of that is bad. Do we, however, focus enough on our mental and emotional well being? Take time to smell the roses (another pun….tee hee), and bring a few blooms home for yourself. When giving a…

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