How to select the best Watermelon.

Had to share this 1. the photo is simply fantastic 2. who doesn’t love watermelon coming into the warmer seasons 3. I never knew I should be looking for yellow patches!

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Easy to eat, refreshing to drink and nutritious in its content- Watermelon, the juicy, red and cooling fruit available through out the world. I believe it is irrelevant to talk about its benefits as everyone knows about it. But, how many of us know how to pick the right one when buying it? So, I tried writing down a few tips about the selection process. Let me know whether it was helpful.

– Find one without any cuts, dents or bruises.

– Symmetrical one which is firm.

– Heavy for its size.

– Turn it over and check for a yellow region on its surface. Yellow area indicates that it rested on ground while ripening in the sun. That would give a juicier and sweeter watermelon.

– Instead of thumping the melon, try slapping it. If it sounds hollow, it is ripe.

– Now, buy it.

You are the proud…

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