Emotional impact of food allergies letter to teachers, safety is not just a physical concern.

Another Parents perspective. The impact of food allergies in a social context has been a topic of discussion this week in the media (check out Sunrise http://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/) . For parents of children with allergies our worries are not simply related to physical health; but also for the emotional well-being of our children.

The Allergy Advocate The Allergy Advocate The Allergy Advocate

I wrote this letter to accompany the stack of other papers I submit to my child’s teacher/school at the beginning of the year. It addresses the emotional impact of food allergies. We talk a lot about physical safety, but I also want his teacher to understand that we are equally concerned about his emotional and mental well-being. 


CHILD has severe food allergies. The main issue we deal with, other than keeping CHILD safe from food allergens, is that not everyone understands food allergies- their severity, and their physical and emotional impact.

One bite of ALLERGEN or cross contamination with ALLERGEN2 could send him into anaphylactic shock and he could die. I’m not being dramatic. It’s the truth. I’ve seen his face swell up in front of me. I’ve experienced the violent vomiting more times than I can count. And I never go anywhere without a set of EpiPens…

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