Good Morning, Lemon Detox!

This really does set you up for a great day! For an even greater kick add a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar!

Healthy H'ohm'e

Good Morning, Lemon Detox!

…Stumble out of bed… carefully walk downstairs…. search for lemons… slice, squeeze and swirl lemon juice into water… take a sip…. taste and feel the goodness.

That’s the start of a detox happening!

If there is ONE thing to add to your morning routine – THIS IS IT!
It is so quick and easy, that you can really do this in your sleep…or morning grogginess, like I do.
You will notice your day begins smoother, you wake up and are alert faster, and are ready to start the day off with a BANG!

Here’s why:
* Stimulates liver to flush out any toxins built up overnight
* Energy boost
* Wakes up immune system
* Digestive aid
* Can also help break your caffeine addiction – you wont feel you need that highly caffeinated JOLT in the morning, as lemon does the trick! (overtime…or may help you limit your intake of caffeine…which…

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