Happy Birthday to Me!!

What a marvelous day it is! 27 years old today…wow! Birthday’s always excite me; cake & presents what is not to love!

I woke up at 2am to my crazy 5 year old daughter kissing me and wishing me happy birthday. I then got up at 5am to get ready and head to a Personal Training session. Jo (my trainer) had to do 27 birthday burpees for me which was great entertainment whilst I was enduring a wall sit hold.

I had planned to go to an Asian style restaurant for lunch with a girlfriend but little odd child Evie would not have been able to eat there due to the risk of peanuts and more importantly I would have not been able to relax! The rest of the day I have been working on an assignment, processing some Arbonne orders & contacting clients. Yes I did tell everyone I was planning to have a sleep but the day has literally disappeared and I need to go and pick up Lani from school.

Tonight we are having dinner at my Mum & Dad’s; delicious salmon steaks (my favourite favouite meal) and a grain free/dairy free cheesecake (if i ever get to making it). I saw a great recipe on Primally Inspired that I am excited to try!

Pics of my delicious dinner & dessert will be up tonight!

Have a great day xxx


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