How to maintain a gluten-free diet

Great blog! I think many of us get pigeon holed for our dietary choices! I eat a paleo diet because I have never felt better, and my daughter doesn’t eat peanuts because yes actually they can kill her! I think people who are not intuitive to their bodies and their own health are the first to judge others.


In the last couple of weeks I have read and heard several comments that seem to imply that those who eat gluten-free diets, or most special diets, do it to be trendy, difficult or that only the wealthy can afford to have a special diet. Some of these comments are hilarious, and honestly, there is truth behind them. The strain that eating a special diet can put on your wallet is serious. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I eat gluten-free because if I didn’t I would not only be sick all the time, but also a terrible and inactive person. I am also able to do it without spending a lot of extra cash, and without crying over the bakery counter at the coffee shop.  This list I have compiled after four years of eating gluten-free can help you do it and be happy about it.

1- Realize…

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