iLabs: Twins & Allergies

Had to reblog these findings of allergies in twins! Very interesting results!

NC Museum of Natural Sciences Education Blog

We had a visitor pose a very good question today in our lab.  She and her child were doing the table activity to determine which of two twins has a peanut allergy.  Her question to us was:

Would identical twins both have the peanut allergy since they share the same DNA?

For certain, fraternal twins, who develop from two different eggs, have different DNA and hence there is a good chance they do not have the same allergies. However, given that allergies have a strong genetic component, it seemed entirely likely that identical twins would share the same allergies.

A quick search of some articles showed that the answer is not as clear-cut as that though.

An article in the New York Times Science column, Twins and Allergies, as well as an article in ScienceDaily’s Science News column, Identical Twins Not As Identical As Believed both dealt with this…

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