The Wind Is Changing!

Well the last few months have been a whirlwind! My mind has exploded with ideas and the confidence to follow my passion for  health & well-being!

This has taken me down 3 different but complementary paths. 1. Arbonne Pure Skin Care 2. The Odd Spot Blog & today number 3. Janet (the organic guru) and I received our council approval to produce fresh organic cold pressed juice & other delicious organic snacks!

I am super excited (and nervous) about what the next few months will bring for us! My passion is to provide nutritious, safe & delicious juices and snacks that are suitable for people with allergies/intolerances and are produced in a peanut & gluten free environment. This I hope will give peace of mind to families trying to manage allergies whilst out & about as well as provide a healthy alternative for everyone in Rockhampton!

I have a great deal of work to do before we are up and running but with approval it is now all systems go! I look forward to updating you all on our progress & making safe healthy food available very very soon!

Cacao Protein Muffins Cold-Pressed Juices



5 responses to “The Wind Is Changing!

  1. This is awesome! Congratulations on following your bliss! It sounds like you are passionate about it so only good will come of this. I’d love to own an organic juice bar, well done- Kim

  2. I am all about natural and organic since I started drinking Zeal, I would love to see how your product would compare.

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