Eczema in the Heat

Well 37 degrees is uncomfortable at the best of times but with Eczema it is worse!

One in three Australians suffer from Eczema and the onset is usually in early childhood. Mainstream medicine usually prescribes a range of medicated lotions & ointments and steroid creams that often provide limited relief and a host of possible ill-effects. Many natural alternatives simply do not work, so what is the best plan of attack if you or your children are facing this painful and itchy condition?

The best course of action is a two-step plan. It is about managing the skin and easing discomfort while trying to figure out the triggers to minimize future flare-ups. Common triggers are wool, synthetic clothing, soap powder, detergents, soap, shampoo, perfumed products, food preservatives, air conditioning, dust mites, grasses, plant pollens and pets. Emotional stress has also been linked to flare ups (Australian Family, p.35). Both my daughters suffer from eczema in varying degrees. It manifests in both of them with a high consumption of dairy as well as skin reactions to lotions & chemicals. To limit the incidence of outbreaks I cut out all dairy at home and bath them only in coconut oil or the Arbonne baby range.

In the heat managing their flare-ups becomes increasingly more difficult. A swim in the pool – outbreak. Sweaty hair -outbreak. Humid Rockhampton weather – outbreak and longer healing time! I find barrier creams can help but the key is really in consistency. Making sure that they have a bath after a swim, that hair is washed and dried thoroughly, that outbreaks are treated promptly and that I am diligent about what food goes in their mouth! I can only say what works for us so my top tips are below!

Top 3 Tips

1. Treat flare-ups fast and keep skin moist & clean

2. Don’t use commercial cosmetic moisturises EVER! (even if you don’t have eczema)

3. Use an elimination process to try and determine triggers and then limit exposure.


2 responses to “Eczema in the Heat

  1. the best treatment for Eczema is Argan Oil but it has to be 100% pure, organic and cold pressed, it’s all natural and contains no chemicals or preservatives.

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