The Challenge Begins…..Whole30 in camp

I started a Paleo lifestyle after initially taking up the Whole30 as a challenge with my girlfriend and her training group. I had always been resistant to low-carb diets, actually any diet that eliminated entire food groups, but after reading into it I thought it was worth a shot. The Whole30 is a super strict Paleo diet that eliminates grains, dairy, legumes and artificial flavours/sweeteners but also eliminates natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, stevia) and limits fruit and nut intake. Find full details here.

The first week was hell – sugar detox headaches, low energy, cravings for my morning oats and a lot of negativity and irritability. But sure enough, as predicted, I started to feel better in the second week! I wasn’t bloated, I didn’t retain water, the headaches dissipated and my energy levels not only improved but remained more consistent over the course of the day. I was sold and have followed a Paleo diet since.

I will explore my personal Paleo journey in a future post but this one is all about my husband!  As he works away for a month at a time, my lifestyle day-to-day does not have the same impact on him as it would if he was here. He lives in a workers camp on an island and all his food is prepared and served in a dining hall on-site. He has been so supportive of my lifestyle and how I cook and feed our girls but has been hesitant to try it for himself because of the challenges he faces; having no control over his meals on site or access to stores.

But…….the time has come and he is ready to make the change to improve his health! I can hardly contain my excitement. So tomorrow will be Michal’s Day 1 on his first Whole30. As I am a super supportive wife I will be tightening my diet (good-bye maple syrup smothered bacon) and completing this with him.

We have discussed that although he may not be able to control what oil they cook his food in or demand grass-fed organic beef, he can make the best choices available to him. We have planned a rough draft of good food choices including eggs and vegetables for breakfast, meat and salad for lunch and meat and vegetables for dinner. The list of things to steer clear of includes all sauces, sugar, dairy, bread, pasta, rice, oats, beans and white potato. He has a Whole30 cheat sheet, a notebook to record what he has eaten and his phone to call and ask me any questions. I will be keeping you all updated on our little challenge and hope to prove that even in difficult circumstances you can still make healthy choices. You just need to use some creativity and a great deal of discipline to walk past the dessert each night!

I am so proud that he has committed to this and hope that you enjoy his story as it evolves.

Tough Mudder 2013

Tough Mudder 2013


18 responses to “The Challenge Begins…..Whole30 in camp

  1. So proud of your husband for starting an awesome journey! Best of luck to him!

  2. Awesome that your husband has decided to start this awesome journey! Best of luck to him!

  3. How wonderful! Looking forward to the evolving story.

  4. All the best to you both. I still consume dairy (on a more and more limited basis) but ever since I made the connection between blood type and diet, my health and attitude have been greatly improved by what I call a hunter/gatherer diet. Thanks for stopping by and following my cooking blog. I’m looking forward to following yours, too. Glyn

  5. Hi there! Would love to send you your free recipes for subscribing to my website. What’s the best email address to send to? Thanks!

  6. Good luck!

  7. We have a similar story – I have been on Paleo for 2 weeks, and my husband just decided to join me 2 days ago. It’s much better to do it together. Congrats on getting your hubby on board. We also completed the Tough Mudder together in August – pre-Paleo!

  8. Wow!!! It was a tough challenge. Sometimes I also get worried about my tummy and start exercising 2-3 days. But after that again I start the regular routine. Personally I’m not a gym freak but want to maintain a good health. I guess I can adopt this schedule as mentioned in your blog. I’m really inspired from this story. Thanks for sharing.!!

    • Thank you! I am a big believer in that no one can change your life other than yourself! This is the case with my husband, after 2 years of this lifestyle for me and the girls only now is he ready to make the change. You have a great outlook in wanting to maintain good health, don’t be afraid to try new things and keep changing it up until you really find what works for you! Everyone is different and your journey may take you down various paths, enjoy the process!

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