Whole30 Challenge Day 1

Talking to my husband tonight was rather amusing! Day 1 proved somewhat of a reality check for Michal; this was going to be a long…long month. I was so excited every time I received a message from him today. I had photos of breakfast, lunch, dinner, the temptation he faced and other messages asking for advice. I will endeavour to report on this experiment daily and will compile the findings as outlined below (feeling all scientific – and besides this is important research that calls for consistent reporting measures).

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & bacon (good, ok – not nitrate free/grass-fed and he did forget to ask if there was milk in the eggs but his choice was better than half a loaf of bread nonetheless)

Lunch: Roast beef, salad & 2 boiled eggs (good, good, good)

Dinner: Steak & steamed Asian greens (good, good)

Snack: Fruit & Protein shake, nuts (good, ok -shake is vegan dairy and gluten-free, good)

Temptation of the day: Buffet of doughnuts and chocolate brownies (resisted)

Experimental Findings: The temptation of the buffet poses the biggest challenge to successfully completing the 30 day challenge. There are significant restrictions in relation to how food is prepared and the quality of the produce available.

Conclusion: Awesome effort for Day 1! I am looking forward to the rest of the month and completing this challenge together. My Day 1 was pretty much the same as yesterday, but it did feel good to clean up my choices as a few bad habits had started creeping back in. I will be back tomorrow night to update you on day 2!

Whole30 Day 1


2 responses to “Whole30 Challenge Day 1

  1. Day 1 looks like a success! I’ve been doing a few days a week strict Paleo and I find that it works for me at this time. I really love lots of Paleo things and think that maybe I’d be ok with it all the time if it weren’t for my family. Ha! I bet that is the issue for most people.

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