Whole30 Challenge Day 2

Well Day 2 is done and dusted! I am feeling so much better already, however it might be a few more days before Michal is reaping the rewards of the Paleo way. We only had a brief chat today as I was busy with our ratbag girls who were both living up to what I like to call ‘Feral Friday’. I am about to sign off and finish my day with a big cup of herbal tea. Day 2’s findings out outlined below:

Breakfast: 4 Fried Eggs & bacon plus a banana (good, as good as it gets, good)

Lunch: Tuna and a mixed salad of lettuce, mushrooms and capsicum (great)

Dinner: Steak, sweet potato and steamed beans (great, great, great)

Snack: Pear & Protein shake (good, ok)

Temptation of the day: The buffet…this could be a common finding I believe (resisted).

Experimental Findings: A pattern of temptation is emerging. I received no texts asking for advice today, therefore the subject seems to be quickly adapting to the confines of the experiment.

Conclusion: What and excellent day 2! Mine was great too! I think Michal is making the best choices he can in his environment. I know when I lived on campus at University the food we were served was atrocious (hence why I gained 5kg in my first semester). Resisting temptation is really difficult in these situations. Day 3 tomorrow – this is when the sugar withdrawal symptoms are at their peak, so wish us both luck!

Day 2




6 responses to “Whole30 Challenge Day 2

  1. Thank you for visiting my site http://maikarinderia.wordpress.com/
    I am also starting my diet soon and Its interesting if I can do your Whole30 challenge. I understand the temptations! Good luck to your husband!

    • Thankyou! Good Luck on your journey! I love the idea of the whole30 or an elimination diet to kickstart a new life. It really helps to make your aware of what foods work for your body. Dairy was definitely having a negative impact on my health cutting out my 3-4 serves a day changed my skin, my energy, improved my digestion and generally made me feel better! I look forward to reading about your challenge!

  2. keep it up! you’ll never regret it

    • Yes since I adopted paleo I have felt great! But slowly my paleo baking increases as do my coconut pancake mornings, and I no longer feel as good. So it has been fantastic to strip it right back to basics again.

      • Yes, I think it is better to find your set point and stick with it! You can tell almost instantly when you are slipping a bit, and that is the time to put it in reverse and get back to start.

      • Haha yes and when I do have that feeling I start justifying “that it is still paleo” or “it has been a long week”. When I hear myself saying those things that is my switch to restart! Thankyou for your support!

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