Whole30 Challenge Day 3

Well today was jam-packed ! The girls were up at the crack of dawn so we had bacon, eggs and kale by 5.30am! I then got them ready to take to my parents as I worked today. After work I came home to clean and study before receiving a call from Michal informing me I had forgotten to transfer money into his account. Whoops! He was planning on driving home just for the night but needed fuel. Lucky for us the credit card saved the day and we got our man home in time for dinner. Here is the Day 3 Report:

Breakfast: 2 Fried Eggs & bacon plus a banana (good, as good as it gets, good)

Lunch: 3 boiled eggs and a mixed salad of rocket, lettuce, onion, mushrooms (good)

Dinner: Steak, sweet potato chips, broccoli and squash (great, great, great)

Snack: Apple, mixed nuts, protein ball (good, good, good)

Temptation of the day: Whether to consume beer while watching the Rugby this evening (cracked and had 2 beers). The habit of having a beer while watching the game is quiet ingrained in my husband (12 years). However, no grace will be given; he broke the rules  – marking this a fail.

Experimental Findings: Meals have been rather consistent and compliant. There was a large consumption of eggs today but this was due to a lack of alternative clean protein. The subject failed to resist the temptation of alcohol.  It is interesting to reflect that Michal could resist the buffet treats on day 1 & 2 but not alcohol when it presented in a comfortable, familiar social setting.

Conclusion: Day 3 saw Michal break the guidelines. I however, ate really well today! As a naturally very competitive person, I would normally extrapolate the results of Day 3 to conclude that I am ‘WINNING’ our little challenge…..but as this is a team event I will instead take the following action:

  • Help Michal plan the next week at camp.
  • Stock up on some tins of tuna/sardines for him to have handy – as there is a lack of clean protein available on site.

You are supposed to start back at Day 1 if you break the rules. To simplify our experiment we will accommodate this rule by extending our challenge to 33 days. Bring on Day 4!

Day 3


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