Whole30 Challenge Day 4

I am feeling very happy today! Michal was home which was lovely, more special was the fact that he spent his one day off cleaning the house so I could have a fresh start to the week! He definitely scored some grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free brownie points! I have a busy week this week; study for my end of semester exams, a charity event on Thursday night, my VIP Business Launch on Friday night and a lot of cooking to serve my clients, friends & family! So his help today has made the world of difference to how I am feeling heading into this week! The other bonus was that this was the first day of our challenge that we have had the opportunity to enjoy meals together! Our youngest daughter made us breakfast in bed (wood & felt food…mmm delicious) and our eldest, trying to out-do her little sister, offered me “A Protein Cupcake” (also wood). Once we finally rolled out of bed, Day 4 went like this:

Breakfast: Fried eggs with sweet potato, mushroom, onion & kale hash in coconut oil (great)

Lunch: Roast Chicken with rocket, grapes, spanish onion, tomato & avocado salad (great)

Dinner: T-bone Steak with mixed salad of rocket, lettuce, spanish onion, capsicum and carrot (great)

Snack: mixed nuts (good)

Temptation of the day: Heading back to camp this afternoon to be confronted once again by the buffet. Dessert tonight was particularly tempting but he resisted.

Experimental Findings: It is much easier to follow a Paleo diet at home. The process of preparing and cooking meals is in your control and only quality oils are used to cook and dress food. It is also nice to eat the same offerings as your family and enjoy healthy quality meals together. Additional finding: Cleaning the house makes your wife very happy.

Conclusion: Day 4 proved the best day yet on our challenge. This supports that it is definitely easier to follow a strict diet in the comfort of your own home and is even easier when as a family you are doing it together. We also discussed and established some fitness goals for the week, including lots of running mixed with some intensive weights sessions. I had a wonderful day today, I hope you all had a beautiful day also! Stayed tuned for Day 5 progress tomorrow.

Day 4


5 responses to “Whole30 Challenge Day 4

  1. Way to go!!! Actually with that much fabulous food I am sure within no time you will not be able to stand most of the foods you now still have to work hard at avoiding.

    • Yes I know for me Paleo is just how I eat day in day out. The trouble for me comes in the form of over eating good food and creating paleo desserts and sweets lol! Michal really loves his grains and ice cream/cream so it is a massive adjustment for him!

  2. Glad to hear your Whole30 is going well! I’m super jealous you have a clean house for the week! That is always nice starting your week off with a house that is clean!

    • Yes having a clean house is a great feeling especially when I didn’t have to do it! I am finding this whole30 my best yet, really enjoying it and so far not missing my maple syrup too much 🙂

  3. Your breakfast sounds delicious…I may give it a whirl, but substitute the fried eggs with poached. Thanks for the follow! 😀

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