Whole30 Challenge Day 5

Day 5! We are moving towards the end of the first week which is very exciting! It really is great doing this challenge together. Today I really wanted something sweet after dinner but knowing that Michal was resisting a buffet full of desserts helped me choose a peppermint tea instead. Below are the results of Day 5:

Breakfast: Bacon and 2 poached eggs (good)

Lunch: Steak & mixed salad of lettuce, cucumber, red onion and carrot (great)

Dinner: Turkey, broccoli and roast carrots (great)

Snack: mixed nuts, protein shake, banana (good)

Temptation of the day: When picking through a trail mix that had chocolate nibs in it, the subject accidently tasted some chocolate that had melted onto a nut. Michal reported that this limited exposure to the contraband substance immediately set off intense cravings that he found very difficult to control. (resisted! miracle!)

Experimental Findings: Strong cravings can be all consuming. They can limit your ability to think clearly about anything other than what it is you so badly want (can you tell I have experience in this arena). I advised the subject that in the second week the cravings will start to subside and that healthy habits would be beginning to form. Current findings show that the subject is making good choices from the available options and is observed to be learning to assess food from a new angle. These results are very positive and look to support the hypothesis that one can follow a restricted diet in an on-site camp environment.

Conclusion: The first week is definitely the hardest when making any lifestyle change. I baked Super-Food Squares tonight and was going to post the recipe on the blog, but then realised I couldn’t taste them to ensure they had turned out well. I might post it anyway and you can let me know if they are terrible. My children did enjoy them for dessert……but then again, they eat anything!

Day 5



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