Whole30 Challenge Day 6

Today I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Everything was getting to me and I had a lot of little tasks to do so felt very scattered and torn. Even though I ran around all day my To Do list looks practically the same now as it did this morning! When I am stressed I get hungry and today I may have decided that a Super-Food Square and a third long black was called for…..ok I broke the rules, I know it, I am over it! I suppose the Paleo Gods felt I needed to be punished because this evening when I was cooking dinner I dropped a ladle of boiling tomatoes on my foot! Ouch! Michal hurt his back at the gym so Day 6 was a pretty average day all round. Regardless, I am still going to report Michal’s meals for Day 6:

Breakfast: Bacon, 2 poached eggs & banana (good, great, good)

Lunch: Turkey and Carrots (great)

Dinner: Shake (ok)

Snack: mixed nuts, protein shake, pear and apple (good, ok, good, good)

Temptation of the day: We didn’t get to discuss temptation today as I was trying to get 2 children to bed with the skin coming off my foot!! Our conversation consisted of a text that asked Michal what he ate today, his reply, and good night. Therefore for this section the results are determined to be invalid due to recording error.

Experimental Findings: If you drop boiling liquid on your foot, you ability to engage in the findings of the experiment and extract required data will be negatively affected. Also forgot to ask for pictures today.

Conclusion: External influences restricted the accuracy of reporting, but Michal’s food choices were reasonable and tomorrow is a new day! I am now going to study for my exams all night because my foot is too sore to sleep! Goodnight everyone 🙂



2 responses to “Whole30 Challenge Day 6

  1. Life tends to get in the way of our best intentions, freaking annoying! Glad you’re brushing it off and moving forward – there is always tomorrow! 😉

    Sorry about your foot!

    • Thank you! Yes it is frustrating but won’t beat myself up about it just strive to do better. It is 12.30am here and I have accepted the fact that the pain of my burn is going to keep me up all night!

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