Whole30 Summary

Well I need to update you all on our Whole30 progress or lack thereof! We were going so well with our experiment but we had one major downfall that saw the challenge unravel – communication.

Before my crazy month started I would speak to Michal each night to gather information on his food choices, exercise and temptations. If he had taken any photos he would send them to me after we had spoken for the evening. I would then write it up after putting the kids to bed and post on the blog. This was working relatively well until my nights began to be filled with business plans and study for my exams until the wee hours and my conversations with Mike were few and far between. I did try to ensure that I at least sent him a text goodnight. He responded to my lack of attention by stopping taking photos or recording what he was eating – oh my poor neglected husband. It was not all bad though! We estimate that he lost a total of 6kg based on scale measurements at the commencement of the experiment and just last week! Pretty amazing effort – I wish I could lose 6kg in 3 weeks! Here is a summary of the findings of the experiment:

Experimental Findings: It was found that it is possible to undertake a Paleo lifestyle in a workers’ camp environment. However, there are significant restrictions on the variety of food available and the quality of the choices that are. The level of will-power needed to sustain this lifestyle under these conditions is significantly higher than in a home based scenario whereby you have control over your pantry, fridge and grocery shopping to minimise temptation. The subject reported that adjusting to the removal of added sugars and dairy was rather easy but cravings for starchy carbohydrates were intense and hard to manage. The subject combated these cravings with a dried fruit and nut mix, but when this option was not available or he had a particularly physical day at work the cravings were overwhelming and the subject would succumb to temptation. The subject reported that he felt lighter and less weighed down within the first few days of the challenge. He also reported that his skin was clearer, he was less bloated and had improved digestion. The subject did say that he often felt hungry and if completing the whole30 at home would have made sure there were more options available to satisfy his appetite.

Conclusion: Although the whole 30 days were not completed, the experimental findings showed clear benefits of the diet and described the pros and cons of following a Paleo lifestyle in a camp environment. The physical weight loss and improvement in his skin, digestion, and general feeling of wellbeing are great results to have observed in such a short timeframe. The main objections to successfully completing a whole30 in camp were the lack in variety of compliant food sources and the constant battle with temptation. The subject is keen to participate in another Whole30 but feels he needs to gather more information on managing cravings and also broaden his understanding of the process the body goes through when significantly reducing sugars and carbohydrates to better understand the way he was feeling during the 3 week study.

Thankyou for following on the journey! And I am sure the new year will bring a new challenge.

6 responses to “Whole30 Summary

  1. Good for you for trying! Whole 30 is definitely no easy feat-I’ve tried and not been so successful myself;)

    • Thank you! I always think it will be easy because I eat a paleo diet normally but it is the removal of maple syrup, honey and paleo treats that I find challenging. I really miss cooking and eating my paleo desserts!

  2. Good on you for giving it a try. I find it hard even in a home environment just with the sheer costs of all the fresh ingredients. The benefits are worth it and I only aim for 80/20 approach. Keep it up. Enjoyed following your journey.

    • Yes the cost of fresh food is insane! I agree that the 80/20 approach is realistic! I always stay gluten and dairy free but every now and then I will indulge or enjoy dinner and dessert out with friends!

  3. well done you guys!

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