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World Vegan Day

Melbourne is well-known for its shopping, designers and innovative entrepreneurs. Besides having a long overdue break, I was most excited about experiencing the food of this iconic Australian city. It is the cultural hub of our country and I was looking forward to some of that also!

We sure had a good dose of both food and culture on our first day – attending World Vegan Day at the Melbourne Show Grounds (also home to the set of television series ‘MasterChef‘ and their amazing veggie/herb garden). The event was intense, amazing, educational, confronting, sad, crazy…..it was everything crammed under one roof. It was so refreshing to have so many people passionate about our environment, sustainable food sources, and health in the one place. It really had me excited and provided me with a load of inspiration and ideas to bring back and share with everyone up here in the slightly slow (aka backwards) Central Queensland. Don’t get me wrong I am very happy to be raising my young family here and there has been a shift towards healthier living but people up here do not embrace change and the take up of anything new takes a long, looooooonnnnngggg time!

MasterChef Vegetable Garden


There is a lot to be said for these events and how surrounding yourself with people who support your ideals and beliefs can influence the conviction you have in your own choices. I often feel a little extreme in my avoidance of grains, dairy, preservatives, chemicals and processed foods because the majority of the people where I live have these things as the staple of their diets. I feel as though I need to justify my choices or that people think I am on some strange fad diet. I am not!  I think that anyone who follows an alternative diet must sometimes feel isolated? Or maybe that is just me? Surely not. People do look at you differently when your children have olives, sardines, cherry tomatoes, spinach, a mango and a coconut flour muffin for lunch. And think my children are ‘odd’ when they hear the latest response to the timely question of what to have for dinner, to which my 2-year-old replied “fish and water”. I loved that this minority group were all together supporting their lifestyle choices and sharing and learning from each other. Not to mention the incredible vegan businesses sharing their delicious creations.

Of the amazing array of food available at the event my absolute favourite was the Vanilla Dream coconut ice-cream I had made by Zebra Dream. It was delicious, thick, creamy and not at all icy and rock hard like other brands of coconut ice-cream I have tried. I was excited to try the Espresso flavour but it was sold out by the time I had worked my way through the crowd. Nevertheless, the Vanilla sure dissipated any disappointment I may have been feeling.

Zebra Dream "Vanilla Dream" Coconut Ice-Cream

The next best thing was being able to order a coffee on almond milk!! Nowhere and I mean nowhere in my town offers this as a dairy alternative and it was delightful to not feel ‘difficult’ when ordering something as simple as coffee.

I fell completely in love with the mason jars from The Raw Food Mum – one of my favourite bloggers! I was so excited to meet her in person and get my hands on a couple of the jars – complete with their own metal straw. They are now used daily and make everything taste that little bit more special.

Cold-Pressed Apple, Carrot and Ginger

So there is a round-up of my first day of adventures. I ventured to many fantastic cafe’s and have picked my favourites to share with you this coming week! If any of you have attended World Vegan Day celebrations what inspired you?


There is a Positive in every Negative


There is a positive in every negative….you just have to step back to see it. If you hadn’t noticed I recently dropped off the face of the blogging planet! But I promise I am back!

In the last month I have had two nasty university exams that really stretched me both mentally and physically. I have been running circles around myself financially, as my dog destroyed over $1000 of my clients orders (not insured – there went the entirety of my savings) and I got pulled over by a policeman having a bad day (savings already gone – now onto the credit card). My beautiful business partner for the organic juice bar project had to pull out for family reasons and I have also been struggling through hormonal hell whereby my body thinks it is pregnant and is storing water like a sponge…..way too weird to go into any further. All of the above events have contributed to a massive drop in energy, motivation and blog posts as well as money and sleep. In fact, the only thing heading upwards is my weight (due to hormones and not being able to train due to a third degree burn on my foot).


On a more positive note, I have just returned from a weeks holiday with my best friend in Melbourne! It was downtime that I so badly needed. I had a forced break from everything on the world wide web as we were staying with her brother and had no internet access at home and our days were jam-packed with activity. I also had a break from university and work which was lovely! I felt a little lost but also a little free (may have been the fact that I was also childless for the week). I so often feel as though I am constantly playing roles – mum, wife, homemaker, uni student, support person, business operator, etc and it was actually fantastic to have the freedom to just be Matilda for the week.


Having some time away gave me space to dream and gain some clarity around my goals, both in the short-term and the long-term. My short-term plan may have changed but my long-term goals remain the same – I want to educate people on health, wellness and provide support for those living with allergies. As the Organic Juice Bar is sidelined for the moment, I can now focus my energy into my Arbonne business.


With Arbonne, I have the ability to share my passions through our amazing products and help women improve not just their skin but also their self-confidence and inspire them to start their own businesses and reach their personal goals. I have just launched my own Arbonne Website www.matilda.arbonne.com.au to make it easier for my customers to order, so when you have a chance check it out!


I also realised that I needed to determine how much time I would dedicate to the blog and what I would do with that time. To keep the flow of my blog consistent for all of you, I will blog about 3 times a week with at least 1 post being a delicious recipe for you to try. As I go on over the next few months be sure to let me know how you are finding the quantity and quality of my posts!


This week I am going to try to sort out my health with a trip to the doctors and to a Naturopath for further investigation. I also need to increase my water intake and decrease my salt intake to combat some of the water retention. Then I am going to slowly get back into training without pushing myself too far. I do not function well without exercise, it really is a stress release for me and keeps my mind clear.

I am feeling good about my plan and am looking forward to sharing my stories along the way!

Much Love Matilda x

P.S Whole30 was an epic fail – I will update you on that tomorrow.